20:31 14-01-2011
به‌ڕێزان ده‌م باش
بۆ سه‌رپۆشی ژنانه‌ ده‌گه‌ڕێم هه‌ڵبه‌ته‌ ئه‌و جۆره‌ که‌ گه‌لی باکور به‌کاری دێنن له‌ خۆپیشاندانه‌کاندا زیاتر له‌ ئاڵا ده‌چێت،‌ ده‌توانن بۆم په‌یداکه‌بن یان چۆن ده‌توانم په‌یدایبکه‌م
00:31 11-01-2011
hello, im from memphis tennessee and i love the shop but i was wondering if you guys could make jewerly like earings that matches your kurdish flag necklaces on your page with braclets that are all the same thanks very much for the webiste and this:)
03:39 24-12-2010
Roj Dilan Dasuk
Hello Sir,
I wonder if you have Zoroasterian symbols with kurdish flags (Farovar symbols and Zarathustra) and t-shirts with texts like I am proud to be Kurdish Zoroasterian. If u search on internet u will find more info but I want something more kurdish than persian. Best Regards
00:50 15-08-2010
Hello, first of all ! How Wonderfull to find a Site like this ! Congratulation and Welcome ! To all the Kurdish Peopel around the World ! And yes i think Cloth is a big issue to a lot of Kürdish Family`s . Female -Fashion would be nice too .Whats defenetly missing in Germany is Kurdish Books and Poesie ! Hope i could give a little information ,if you atvertise your self on Face-Book , i guess the World will know about you strait away :)))) Thank you !
12:29 29-04-2010
ahmet civani
silav u res,,,,cima ala partiye karkeran ji were heye?
14:12 06-03-2010
mariam ahmad
i would like to see traditional boys clothes on your website.

i have got 3 boys and cannot find kurdish clothes for them.

i am sure that you will sell loads as too many families in england look for them

regards, mariam
19:52 29-01-2010
team kurdistanshop
Hallo vaste gast,
Wij hebben de nieuwe cd van heval ibrahim, herdi saledh en blind ibrahim. als je mail acherlaat in ons maillijst dan krijgt u altijd een update van nieuwe prodcuten. mocht nog vragne hebbven dan kunt ons bellen of mailen, vriendelijke groeten,
rez u slaw
team kurdistanshop online
17:08 29-01-2010
Vaste gast
Vervolg op mijn vraag;
Bijvoorbeeld de cd van Heval ibrahim, Herdi saleh, Blind Ibrahim en etc.
17:06 29-01-2010
Vaste gast
Ik wil heel graag recente dus nieuwe cd's hebben van zangers en zangeressen, maar merk dat jullie nog oude cd's verkopen.
Verkopen jullie geen nieuwe albums van de artiesten?
Alvast bedankt.
10:15 03-08-2009
nikki karim
hello ,ive recently jioned the kurdistan shop my husband is kurdish and our baby boy is due in just efew weeks ,ive been trying 2 find traditional clothes ,evan toddler size but dont seem 2 have found any ,do you no where i can get some .nikki
00:44 09-04-2009
Hallo hebben jullie ook boeken? en zo niet waar kan ik er anders aan komen kurdische boeken en kurdische gfedcihten boeken??
19:15 26-01-2009
I am interested in Kurdistan coins, especially the one with Mt. Ararat on it.
22:55 17-11-2007
Is it possible to buy several hundreds of those "kurdistanmap and flag with chain"?

Best Regards
01:49 17-09-2007
KurdistanShop should sell fabric instead of kurdish cloths
13:41 17-07-2007
zor sopasi kurdistan shop dakaein balam daway shty ziyatr bkaein bo frotn arz bkan( jl o barg o jantao pelaw)wa har wa agar momkina(angostilay goldny jowanish habit basha
best regardes
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