23:52 27-12-2005
Aveen Tahir
Slaw barezan.....
Mn le Kurdistani bashur(Kurdistan-Iraq) azhim.....
amawe bzanm chon sht bikrm le sar am saita .....

awpare rezw supas ,
23:41 27-12-2005
Merry xmas and hapy new year to you too, wish you all the best.

from dilshad.
23:40 27-12-2005
Dear Kurdistanshop Team,

Many thanks for your wishes, I also wish you and your families a very happy
Chrsitmas and new year. Hope that your great efforts will continue in 2006
to promote Kurdish case and to achieve aspiration of people of Kurdistan.

Zheni Qurbantan Peroz bet.

15:52 21-12-2005
hello iam very hthe appy about this site and i wish you all the best of luck with this site . i will be buying things from here very soon thank you
00:34 07-11-2005
Hi, i have bought music from kurdistanshop before i love the service the shipping is fast, but there is not enough kurdish singers, if you guys add more singer so we can buy more that would be great. like ( dilshad zaxoye, blind, abdul qahar, zakaria ) . Thanks alot kurdistanshop keep up the great service.
19:06 08-10-2005
pash rezo slaw dast xoshitan le dakam ba hiway sarkawtno baraw pesh chon
16:11 05-10-2005
Hi i am very happy for a kurdish site like this. i was so happy about it and the good work that i ordered two kurdish maps for a necklass in gold and in silver. I was just wondering about how long it takes for the things to arive? so i can pay for it :) i sure hope to get it soon but i am not at home very often because of school and work. can you help me???

please giv me a response as soon as you can

from biwar. her bijid kurd û kurdistan
17:29 25-09-2005
zozan polat
sitemizi çok beğendim. yabancı dilim olmadığı için istediğim gibi yararlanamadım
başarılarınızın devamını diliyorum
12:16 24-09-2005
John Berter
Dear Sir or Madam
Thank you very much. I got my beautiful flag of Kurdistan in the mail today. I will hang it up at my work for all of my coworkers to see. Thanks again.
John Berter
14:23 23-09-2005
verdammt warum habt ihr kein gürtel!
hab jetzt die ganze zeit gesucht und hab nichts gefunden!
bitte stellt auch gürtel zu auswahl
04:36 22-09-2005
Das muss ich der Derya aber recht geben :)
Der Ibo hat gerade mal ein kurdisches Lied auf seiner CD und bei Mahsun siehts sicher auch net anders aus.
12:50 07-09-2005
HALLO Meine Landesmener(f.) ich libe eusch alle SLM BERLIN=K-G-B DOGAN.K
05:08 07-09-2005
Hello why did you put Turkish singers CD advartisiment our site??!!!!
Ibrahim Tatlises and Mahsun Kirmizigul don't sing with our language.
I Turkey Kurdish. Bye.
11:13 05-09-2005
11:44 26-08-2005
Roj bas, ez kurde mardine me ü ez slaw we dikim ü roj bas
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